The Gasik Family

About the Site has a long history. It was started by Larry in 2002. For about four months, it was used as his Fantasy Hockey's site. After suggestions that it should be about the family, it was started.

Armed with just a digital camera, Microsoft Paint, and Notepad, he began the site. Most of it was just pictures of random things. Who can forget pictures of the stop sign, "POO", and the McDonalds Drive Thru guy?

As Larry's skills increased, it was changed to a frames site. Navigation was done with tiny icons, and MaryJo's favorite stick figures.

There were then four layouts that each lasted about one month before Larry got tired of it and rebuilt it. Now, in July of 2005, he has built the new Gasik family website. It was originally a maroon, then switched to red. Finally, larry settled on the classic blue.

Larry is more than welcome to your comments. Just shout them at your computer really loud, or send an email to him.

Please take what you want, just let us know when you do.